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Hey! we can produce videos

for your social media channels & web site

Promote your business with a custom, video– drive costumers & increase reach! Capture The Fun Of Your food establishment.

Why Video?

Why Video?

  • The Fusiform Facial area makes us pay attention to faces – this is an actual brain function that hard-wires us to use the human face as a gathering point for information and inevitability.
  • Voice conveys rich information – yes, the simple sound of a human voice speaking to us has an amazing way of converting information into meaningful content.
  • Emotions are contagious – here’s a subtle but powerful aspect that we may take for granted. The body language of emotions is an appealing and we naturally love to share.
  • Movement grabs attention – another trait that runs deep in our collective anthropological DNA is the power of peripheral motion. Since the stone age, we’ve survived by noticing things in motion – looks like we still do!

Photo-Flare Full Service

Photos | Video | Brochure | Menu | Design

We all know how important it is for everything to look their best, especially when showing what you have, to people who don’t know you – your potential customers.

Menu & brochures Design

Yes We Can

Items & Product Photographer in NYC

we all know how important it is for everything to looks it’s best.
It needs to be coveted and it needs to shine.

Make people want what you have.

Your product is better then theirs. It glows more and is wanted more. It is better in every way.

But how do they know?

How can they tell that what you have is what they want? Because they can see. They can see with their own eyes. They can see in perfect color the elaborate flower bouquets you created or the shine of the silver of the necklace you are selling. They can feel the softness of that leather bag and they can almost smell the sweet aroma of a new perfume. A picture is worth a thousand words. Choose your words wisely. Choose Photo-Flare.

At Photo Flare, we provide professional Commercial Photography of items and products, that could be used:

  • Either for your social media channels
  • For press releases
  • For flyers
  • For photos inside your office
  • Photos for Ebay or Amazon
  • Or on your website and more!

We can provide you with great shiny photos, video, brochures & more, that makes people want what you have.A picture is worth a thousand words, so choose your words wisely.

Contact Photo Flare TODAY, to book a photo-shoot that will portray your brand professionally across digital, social media and print.Call us on (855) 368-6489.

Product Specialists.We create images that sell product!