Creating realistic images of rustic food

The rustic food photographer selects the background for his photograph according to the food as well as his own creativity. There is no hard and fast rule to follow and if required they may make changes also. For a single dish of food they take a few numbers of photographs in different angles and choose the best out of them. In some cases the photo shoot of a dish may take even an hour to complete. During the shoot, they make small changes like adjusting the angle or changing the location of the bowl or the plate all the fork, etc. As a result of such minor changes the photograph turns out to be highly impressive and capturing. When they take the photograph of cakes, they opt for a horizontal frame so as to make the cake clearly visible from a low angle also. The image of the tall cake makes the photograph more attractive.

Visualizing the image

Rustic Food PhotosThe rustic food photographer first visualizes the image that is in his mind before starting to shoot. Once he decides how the image should appear he gets an idea about the specific features of the image. According to the visualized image the photographer chooses the colors as well as source of light. Unless he is clear about his vision he cannot shoot the image perfectly and decide about developing the image. The clarity in his vision enables him to execute the final image with 100% perfection. No photographer can achieve the result without knowing in advance what he wants to achieve finally. Moving the slider and cropping the photo are done within seconds. The photographer must think and act at this stage. When the photographer moves the sliders he should clearly know why he is moving them. Again, he should think in detail and make decisions prior to post processing.

Realization of the visualized image

rustic food photographerThe rustic food photographer must decide how to process the photo so as to make it exactly as what he imagined. While thinking about processing he has to consider the specific elements of the image such as colors, brightness of light, saturation, vibrancy, whether the subject is to be at the thirds and whether he can crop the image accordingly. In order to make the image to appear rustic the saturation as well as luminescence is to be reduced. Apart from this, there are many ways to create excellent rustic photographs.

Tips for making the best rustic photos: –

  • Avoid artificial light and opt for natural light
  • Identify the most ideal source of light
  • Shoot from multiple angles
  • Focus on exactly what is require and ensure to have only minimum clutter
  • Ensure to set white balance in the photograph to make the colors look alive
  • Choose location that has sufficient light, hold the camera study and increase shutter speed so as to avoid blur.

How to be successful in rustic food photography?

rustic food photographer NYCCreating excellent photographs of rustic food is a skill that can be developed only through hard work and continuous practice. The rustic food photographer who wants to flourish in his profession must develop a craze for photography and he should do tremendous practice. For food photography one must dry different surfaces and choose the best one. The photographer should try high as well as low surface. Similarly, one has to try variety of shots also. The shots can be a combination of food and ingredients or either of them alone. The photographer should carry out experiments by trying different techniques and taking a lot of photos. The best photography is the outcome of the best lighting. Directional natural light is the most ideal fort rustic photography. If the photographer can manipulate natural light, he can do wonders. When the sensor of the camera is not getting sufficient amount of light the photos will be blurry. By shifting to another position where there is more light, holding the camera steady and increasing the shutter speed, this problem can be solved.

Selection of equipments

One can practice rustic photography with a point-and-shoot camera. He can use the macro setting and follow the instructions given in the user manual. Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera is the most ideal camera for a rustic food photographer who has complete control over his exposure and focal length. The best camera can be chosen by comparing different models in the same price range that produce quality photos. Before purchasing the camera, one can go through the reviews and visit the nearby photography shop to try them out. The lens should be purchased separately. The quality of the lens has great impact on rustic food photography. Compact fixed lenses are light weight, small and less expensive. In order to bounce the light onto the plate and reduce shadows, white boards made of foam can be used.

With or without a tripod

The rustic food photographer can perform his task either by mounting the camera on the tripod or by holding the camera steady in hands. It is advisable to use the tripod when light is running low. Also, it is better to avoid very cheap tripods. When the photographer wants to capture overhead shots, it is more comfortable to have the tripod with the horizontal arm option. It is good to have a tripod head for the tripod. Those who have a card reader can hook up their camera to the computer directly. The camera must be provided with a power charger.


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